The Power of Words – A Child’s Perspective

“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” This common phrase echoed on the elementary school playground when I was a child, but have you ever stopped to notice that those same words are very rarely spoken there today? I believe it’s because we have finally realized the life-changing power of words and the impact they can have on someone’s life – both positive and negative. We can build another up so much that their hearts are bursting with joy. Or we can tear someone down to their core with words that can destroy even the most confident of men. The following letter was written by a 9-year-old very wise little girl.

“Words are used everyday. Some of us will talk and never stop, just so you know I’m like that. Some of us are quiet, and don’t talk a lot. Every one of us is different in so many ways. We should not covet people’s talents. God made each us unique and we should be content with who we are.

     So back to words, words can be used for good or bad. We can use our voices and brighten people’s day if they’re down and sad. Or we can make fun of others for what the do and how they do it. It is your choice. I have been told that I smile a lot which brings them up. I always have a smile because I know that God is always with me and I have people who take care of me, and love me for who I am. That will never change since I know my family is always there for me, so I’m there for them.

     Words can be a powerful weapon used by a human. As I said, you can use it for the good or bad. The words we choose to use are a reflection of what’s going on in our hearts. If our hearts are showing love, people will see that when you talk. But if our hearts are dark and cold, people will see that too.

     The question is, how did Jesus use His words? Well the answer is in the Bible. Go to the books Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, it’s filled with the gospel. He preaches, He performed miracles and so much more… He tells us to love one another and to love our enemies. We should do that too. The Lord can guide you or help you.

How will you use your words?

What do you say?  Will you be a part of lifting someone up to greatness, or tearing them down to humiliation? As we consider the way we most often speak to others, would Jesus be proud and hold his head high in response to listening to you, or would he hang his head in disappointment and sorrow for the pain we are causing to His children? There is so much that we can learn from children and I firmly believe there is a reason that the Lord says that, “the kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” (Matt 19:41)  So, in the words of a 9-year-old, how will you use your words today?

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