Dear magic of Christmas, I miss Christ

Of all the times of the year, Christmas seems to be one when I’m most tempted to convince myself and others that I can stuff more into my days than reality allows. I cram the calendar full of activities and celebrations because there are so many meaningful opportunities. After all, it seems that when you have young children, there is a self imposed expectation to create the magic of Christmas and/or do all we can to remind them of the real reason for this season! This isn’t always bad, but it definitely creates a distraction from a chance to love others during the Christmas holiday.

Teaching my children the reason for the season is a wonderful goal and the motivation behind my craziness is commendable, but at the end of the day when my temper is short and my kids are cranky and exhausted, it’s almost impossible to love like Him. Every year, despite good intentions, I crowd out the most important thing. The message given to me by the One whose birth we are preparing for.

The simple message of loving others the way our Savior loves us.

So this year, as you are frantically trying to find and wrap Pinterest-worthy gifts and attend each Christmas pageant with-in 20 miles, take a step back. Maybe, rather than a beautiful plate of home-made fudge or a perfectly decorated tree, your newly widowed neighbor could use a listening ear, or our spouse desperately needs a relaxing evening in without plans.

With a bit more space in our schedules and less activity in our lives, you will be surprised by the opportunities the Lord will present you with to pour your love onto others that can use it this Christmas season.

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